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Digital Investment Solutions

Our investment management specializes in digital assets. We enable investors to gain exposure to a new asset class through traditional financial products that are fully embedded in new digital banking setup.

Arbitrage Strategy

Arbitrage is trading that exploits the tiny differences in price between identical assets in two or more markets. The arbitrage trader buys the asset in one market and sells it in the other market at the same time in order to pocket the difference between the two prices.

Fraud & Security Management

You work hard for your money. We work hard to keep it safe. Nuelbank invested in the latest technology and a multi-tiered approach to help protect you from fraud, online predators and security breaches.

Nuelbank Investment Solutions

We believe investors should have access to innovation and benefit from owning what could be the most innovative companies of our lifetime.

Artificial Intelligence

We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) operating systems  will transform banking operations and foster ultra fast processing of funds, as did the Internet.

Blockchain Technology

With blockchain technology, we believe that more of everything in the world will become money-like: fungible, liquid, and quantified.

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