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Nuelbank is a full digital bank accessible via your smartphones and other smart devices. It offers easy, fast and reliable solutions designed not only to meet your banking needs but to ultimately improve the quality of your life.

Nuelbank allows you to control where, when and how your cryptocurrencies yield interest. With Nuelbank, you can finally say goodbye to volatility, as the bank acts as a hedge against unexpected market outcomes or sharp declines in crypto prices.

Individuals (18 years and above), Institutional and Organizational Investors, Corporates.

Yes, your money is safe with Nuelbank. To foster more security of clients funds, we have initiated features like your PIN and OTP (One Time Password) which are personal, limiting access to your account to just you. We have also ensured that you can control where, when and how your transfers are initiated. In addition to these security features, your deposits are also insured by Institutional Deposit Insurance Corporation.

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